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House Price Index

The e.surv E&W HPI is based on every residential property transaction in England and Wales, and is designed to provide a true measure of house price inflation.

In 2003, Acadata pioneered use of Land Registry (LR) data for a mainstream house price index, launched by the Financial Times as the FTHPI. In 2010, LSL Property Services plc assumed the preparation costs from Acadata, rebranding the index as the LSL Property Services/Acadata HPI (now e.surv E&W HPI), Your Move Acadata Scotland HPI. The Principality HPI for Wales was also launched in 2017.

Whilst the Land Registry (LR) is the only source of the final prices at which residential property is sold (including properties bought with cash- which are excluded from mortgage-based data), the problem exists that only c.38% of sales are reported in a timely fashion to the LR. These “emerging” data are insufficient to be definitive, which meant that LR data were long regarded as too “untimely” to be useful. Acadata resolved this problem using a custom-built “index of indices” methodology developed by Dr Stephen Satchell at the University of Cambridge and Dr George Christodoulakis, then at City University. The model provides the emerging % Monthly change to the average house price for both the current month and the month ahead. These are used in our e.surv E&W HPI initial release issued shortly after each month end.

Key Statistics

August Key e.surv England and Wales HPI Statistics


Average House Price

Monthly Change

Annual Change

Main Points

Demand for larger properties continues to push prices up

  • Wales had the highest annual regional price rise in July at 2.9%
  • Nottingham topped our conurbation league with 10.3% annual growth in July
  • Detached properties have caused average prices to rise in outer London suburbs



Average House Price

Monthly Change

Annual Change

Main Points

January sees modest rise in Scotland’s house prices

  • On a weight-adjusted basis, Glasgow accounts for the highest rise in Scotland’s average price
  • Housing transactions in Scotland to the end of October are up 2% on 2018
  • Scottish Borders has largest both monthly and annual increase in price

News & Associated HPI Data

e.surv England and Wales HPI August 20 
published 16th September 20 News Release and accompanying: