Local Markets Report: Latest

Welcome to our latest Local Markets Report, designed to help you explore what has been happening to property prices across England and Wales. This interactive report draws on the most recent monthly data published by HM Land Registry and will be updated shortly after new price paid data becomes available each month.

You can explore what has been happening by first clicking one of the regional buttons near the top of the page. This will reveal a map showing all the local authorities in that region, colour-shaded according to its annual rate of property price inflation, together with tables that highlight the most and least expensive local authorities in the region.

Hovering your mouse over the map will reveal the name of the local authority, current property prices, how much these have changed compared with a year ago and the volume of sales activity reported by HM Land Registry over the past year.

If you select a local authority by clicking on it, the right-hand side of the page will show how property prices in that authority have moved over time and a chart comparing price trends for the local authority with the region and/or country (England or Wales) it belongs to. You can alter the period covered by the chart by moving the slider buttons or manually typing in start and end years (allow a few seconds for your changes to take effect).

All prices shown in the dashboard are weighted average prices for the latest three months. Further information about the data used in the report, together with Acadata contact details, can be found by clicking the information symbol on the top right of the page.

Local Markets Report