Price points
Posted: 21/08/2019

Did anyone notice? Taking June as an example, the ONS UKHPI release for the month showed average house prices of £247,000 for England and £164,000 for Wales. By contrast the July LSL Acadata HPI average for England &Wales was £300,886. This is a significant difference but it doesn’t seem to prompt much debate even amongst […]

Greater London bounces back
Posted: 19/08/2019

The house price recovery that began in the spring has been sustained. In July, the average of all prices paid for homes in England & Wales has seen further growth, with the annual rate increase of 0.7% edging towards 1%, but still falling in real terms. Although in June all the northern and midland regions […]

Scotland Transactions analysis
Posted: 26/07/2019

In February 2019, the latest month for which the official ONS statistics are published, transactions in Scotland totalled 5,387 properties. This was an 18% fall on the previous month, against a seasonal decrease of 12% (based on the last seven years data, excluding 2016), so sales volumes were 6% below that which would be normally […]

E&W Housing transactions June 2019
Posted: 26/07/2019

Based on Land Registry counts for England & Wales in June 2019, we estimate there were 77,000 transactions – a +10% increase on our (revised) estimate of 70,000 sales in May. That is the good news: however, a seasonal rise in sales volumes of +12.3% would be expected in June, based on data for the […]

E&W House Prices June 2019
Posted: 26/07/2019

Spring through early summer are peak home buying months and we would expect significant activity in terms of transactions and to some degree in prices. However, in June the annual rate of house price growth for England & Wales rose by just +0.1% including London and the South East, or by +0.8% excluding these two […]

Scotland April housing market
Posted: 26/07/2019

The average house price in Scotland in April 2019 rose in the month by £867, or +0.5%. However, over the last twelve months the average house price has only increased by some £1,250, or +0.7%, and now stands at £183,655. Although this annual rate is above the England & Wales decrease of -0.1% – as […]

E&W Housing Transactions May 2019
Posted: 26/07/2019

In May 2019, there were an estimated 70,750 transactions – based on Land Registry counts for England & Wales – which is a +7% increase on our estimated April total of 66,250 sales. However, a seasonal rise in sales volumes of +13.8% would be expected in May, based on data for the last eight years […]

E&W House Prices May 2019
Posted: 26/07/2019

In May, the average house price in England & Wales fell by a modest -£200, or -0.1%, to £300,866. This was the third month in succession that average prices have fallen marginally, with prices some -£250 lower than at the start of the year. Over the last twelve months – as the chart illustrates – […]